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“The key aspect of the Progene formula, the manufacturer touts as its "secret weapon.”

This is another supplement that, similar to others on the market, makes the claims that it can help men feel young again in no time. The manufacturer of the product claims that the of low-t can cause serious complications in the body. While these statements are true, and it is essential to have a proper balance of hormones in the body, Progene is not the leader of the pack in terms of quality or effectiveness.


The ingredients included in Progene are L-Arginine, Guarana Extract, Oat Straw, Maca, Damiana, and DHEA.

Does it work? Is it safe?

The key aspect of the Progene formula, which the manufacturer touts as its “secret weapon”, is its use of DHEA. This vague and ambiguous ingredient not only has very little information provided about it, but no clinical studies have been done on it. Additionally, the manufacturer also practices auto-shipping, a practice in which a company offers a free trial, and then proceeds to bill customers every month after the free trial, similar to an enrollment program with a monthly fee. This practice is not only frowned upon because customers usually aren’t aware of it, but it gives a bad name to the supplement industry in general. Also, in terms of safety, this product is not recommended to those who are sensitive to stimulants, as the product contains Guarana Extract.

Final Conclusion:

Any supplement whose key ingredient has no clinical trials or research done to support its effects is one that you want to stay away from. While some of the ingredients included in Progene may be able to support sexual health and stamina, theres is not evidence that suggests it can help with low-t. Customers should also be cautious of any company that practices auto-shipping or “free trials”, as they are often used as tactics to rip-off unsuspecting individuals.

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