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VirMax T was designed for men to support low-t without the use of artificial ingredients.

VirMAX T Review

VirMAX T by VirMax contains naturally occurring components that help increase endurance, muscle building and it supports a healthy immune system. We decided to send VirMAX T to a lab to see what the tribulus content really was. You’ll be shocked what the lab reports found!

VirMAX T Ingredients

VirMAX T contains a 450mg proprietary blend of Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Korean Ginseng, LJ100, Magnesium and Zinc. The primary ingredient we want to focus on is Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is an herb, but it varies from species to species. Just like how wines produced from the same species of grape but grown in different parts of the world will differ, perhaps significantly, all Tribulus herbs/products can’t be assumed to be identical.

In this case, protodioscin concentration – which basically tells you how powerful the Tribulus may be – depends on where in the world it was harvested, and what part of the plant was used. The highest concentrations tend to come from Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Materials from India, China and Vietnam have reported significantly lower concentrations.

How Much Protodioscin Do You Need?

If Tribulus works, its effects appear to be dose-specific. In other words, the delivery of active protodioscin seems to be effective if you take the right amount. Too little and it doesn’t appear to work. The sweet spot seems to be consuming enough Tribulus so you get at least 4 milligrams of protodioscin per pound of bodyweight per day. The issue is every supplement company, like the makers of VirMax-T know that Tribulus is the most important compound in these supplements. It’s not an issue if company’s use the correct dosage. Unfortunately most companies just use a token amount of Tribulus to keep costs down and just use other “filler” ingredients. So, how much protodioscins does VirMAX T really contain?


So, Will VirMAX T Really Work?

When we got the lab reports back for VirMAX T we were shocked! In their 450mg blend of ingredients they do not disclose the quality of Tribulus extract they use and make no mention of protodioscin – and for good reason. Our official labs reports show that VirMAX T contains a miniscule 1.3mg of protodioscin per serving! What a complete fraud! The only legitimate ingredient in this product contains a completely ineffective dosage of the primary compound. Incredible!

Final Thoughts on VirMAX T

Grade: C-. VirMAX T contains next to nothing of the protodioscin found in Tribulus. It does however contain Fenugreek and LJ100. I recommend checking out the lab reports on our “Top Rated” supplements. They are the ones that contain the most effective compounds available.

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